BTI bubble inc. Canada

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Technology firm that provides advanced commercial, homeland security and defense solutions in radiation, explosives and contraband detection. Systems developed by BTI have flown on more than ten space missions and company's technology has been used around the world by groups including the Canadian department of National defense, US department of defense, US department of energy, NATO forces, the International Atomic energy Agency ( IAEA) and law enforcement . National security agencies.

The company is internationality recognized for its innovative solutions for some of the world's most complex radiation-related applications.



  • Defense& Aerospace, Homeland security, Medical industrial, nuclear power.
  • Radon monitoring Research& education, Waste& decommissioning.


Bubble detector products:

  • Personal neutron dosimeter detector, Bubble detector thermal,  bubble detector spectrometer,  recompression chamber for BDS,  bubble detector reader III, calibrator detector


Fixed – location detectors:

  • Flexspec fixed-site system, Radiation portal upgrades


Handheld detectors:

  • Radcomp ASS, Microspec-6, Mobile Micro spec, Micro spec neutron probe
  • Micro spec gamma probes, Micro spec X-RAY probe, Micro spec beta probe


Mobile&relocatable detectors:

  • Flexspec mobile, Radcompass, Radbump, Microspec-6, Mobile Micro spec
  • Micro spec neutron probe, Micro spec gamma probes, Micro spec X-RAY probe
  • Micro spec beta probe


Radiation source manufacturing:

  • Micro spec calibration caps.


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