TLD cards, material and reader

Rad pro international Germany

main supplier for radiation detection and radiation personal and environmental dosimetry

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Bubble neutron dosimeters detector products

BTI bubble inc. Canada

Technology firm that provides advanced commercial, homeland security and defense solutions in radiation, explosives and contraband detection. Systems developed by BTI have flown on more than ten space missions and company's technology has been used around the world by groups including the Canadian department of National defense, US department of defense, US department of energy, NATO forces, the International Atomic energy Agency ( IAEA) and law enforcement . National security agencies.

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Radiation detection products

DETEC rad Canada

Detec rad is a Canadian company, which has been working in the radiation industry since 1994. In this time, Detec has cultivated a reputation for excellence both nationally and internationally.

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Systems and components for RADON test.

Radosys kft ltd Hungary

Radosys ltd is an Hungarian production company dedicated for development and manufacturing dosimeter systems based on PADC etched-track technology. Traditionally their products where dedicated to the Radon test applications by PADC etched-track metrology.

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