Radiation shielding devices, systems and materials

Neutron and thermal neutron shielding

Boron rubbers India

Leading Indian Manufacturer of Radiation Shielding Materials for Neutron & Gamma Radiation, founded in 1994 and has today  2 main production divisions:

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Scintillator crystals

EPIC – crystal co ltd.

EPIC Crystal Company Limited was founded  in 2005. It is a  leading developer and manufacturer of scintillator crystals in china, mainly included the CsI(TI), NaI(TI), BGO, LYSO(Ce) and CdWO4, for applications within the nuclear medicine, security inspection, nuclear radiation detection, geological exploration, high energy physics and other relevant field.

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KINHENG CRYSTAL material ( shanghai) co LTD

Kinheng crystal ai an established photonics technology components company located in Shaghai China. Company is committed to engineering and growth of optical grade Scintillator materials especially NaL ( TI) , Csl(TI) BGO, GAGG Ce, LuAG-Pr, and LuAG Ce. These single crystals have been widely used in high energy physics, radiation detection, nuclear medical imaging and etc.

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Sterling and fine silver

A&E Metals ltd Australia

A&E Metals manufactures a large range of silver and gold wire, sheet and solder in Australia for jewelry industry and industrial applications. Company also supply a range of other precious and base metals, including platinum, titanium, brass and copper. Because they manufacture in Australia they can produce a wide range of metals and custom alloys, from sterling silver wire for jewelry making to fine silver rod for electrical contacts.

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