EPIC – crystal co ltd.

EPIC – crystal co ltd.

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EPIC Crystal Company Limited, founded in 2005. is a  leading developer and manufacturer of scintillator crystals in china, mainly included the CsI(TI), NaI(TI), BGO, LYSO(Ce) and CdWO4, for applications within the nuclear medicine, security inspection, nuclear radiation detection, geological exploration, high energy physics and other relevant field.

With the acquisition of Shanghai Shuojie Crystal material Co.,Ltd in 2011, EPIC Crystal has added series of new scintillation materials into their list of capabilities.


The company has high experience in scintillation crystal field. The Bridgman and Czochralski are the main techniques in the production of crystals, and have been optimizing and modifying.



  • Oxide scintillators,
  • Halide Scintillators,
  • matrix and Arrays ,
  • Na1 ( TI) detectors.
  • Plastic scintillators 


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