Measurenmt instrumentation and systems

Second hand measurenmt instruments and computers


AB-AD TECH&ENG LTD wants to be your #1, "Go-To" source for used test equipment by offering our customers only the best quality instruments at the most affordable prices.  We offer second hand instrumentation from USA leasing companies, which after the rent period are sold in good technical and cosmetic condition including calibration certifications if needed. We take great care to ensure that your used test equipment not only works properly, but also looks as good as it functions. We also supply the operation manual and all other standard access.

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Electrostatic measurement, monitoring, testing and simulation systems

ETS electro-tech systems inc

ETS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrostatic measuring, monitoring, test and simulation equipment.  From automotive to semiconductor applications, users in need of reliable, precise, accurate electrostatic measurements turn to ETS.

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Borescope, endoscope, videoscop and microscopes


OME-TOP SYSTEMS CO., LTD. established in 1994 as a leading developer of non-destructive testing for the semiconductor and biotechnology industries. Domestic and overseas specialists in the field of optical instruments joined the company since establishment. 

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Fisher sub Sieve Sizer , powder analysers, bulk density testers , sieve shakers


HMK Test is a lab instruments manufacturer and supplier since  1997 and supported by senior researchers and professionals who were ex-workers in national lab. Most of products are ordered by world buyers, which put forward higher quality requirement on HMK Test. Moreover, HMK Test cooperates with scientific institutes worldwide.  In fact, professionals and the end user make products together. The total staff has reached 20,000 and products are sold to more than 150 countries in the world and are welcome by end users and distributors in many industrial applications.

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Angle sensor module


World Leading Electrical Test Equipment from Seaward

Seaward has over 70 years' experience in the design manufacture of market-leading electrical test equipment. Seaward’s unrivalled range of electrical test equipment serves a wide variety of safety testing and precision measurement applications. For 25 years Seaward has been developing market-defining portable appliance testers, software and accessories for the PAT testing market.

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Smart tool Digital Levels

Welcome to the versatile world of SmartTool. Most levels only give you information at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees) using bubbles you have to work to center visually between two lines. You can do that with SmartTool, too, but the SmartTool also lets you measure digitally, electronically, and with an actual number, at every angle, all 360 degrees of a complete circle.

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Acoustic instruments and accessories

Aco pacific

ACO Pacific, Inc. is an internationally known manufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and microphone systems, Industrial and community sound (noise) level alarm and monitoring systems, Calibrators, sound intensity probes, acoustical/EMI isolators, and noise generators.

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Measurenmt instrumentation and systems

Simpson Test Equipment

Simpson's test instruments are designed to be used by professionals. They deliver hours of dependable use, with less time spent for calibration and repair. Simpson test instruments are built to last. With high quality components, built-in electrical overload protection systems, and rugged construction, Simpson products withstand tough day-to- day usage. Simpson Electric is recognized for it's 260 analog test instrument.

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