Noris Armaturen Burkenstein GmbH

Noris Armaturen Burkenstein GmbH

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Noris Armaturen Burkenstein GmbH is a German producer for hydraulic nuts, hydraulic tool clamping systems for press, sight glass fittings,, special steel fittings and valves and fittings for the chemical industry..



Hydraulic elements

  • Hydraulic clamp nut: in various shapes and sizes with different media with different operation.
  • Hydraulic nuts: for roiling bearings assembly and tapered bore. Hydraulic clamp screws: similar to hydraulic clamp nuts though with threaded pin.
  • Hydraulic clamp plates: a combination of several clamping elements with connecting bore number depends on technical factors.
  • Hydraulic pre tensioning tools: different types. pump included in assembly unit.
  • Hydraulic clamping cylinders: e.G pulling/pushing, hydraulic tailstock clamping.
  • Accessories: high pressure grease pump, air operated high pressure grease pump, high pressure oil pump, high pressure one-step pumps, high pressure nipple, high pressure coupling.


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