Hydraulic vibration shakers

Hydraulic vibration shakers

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Vibration Test:

The shakers utilize PID adjustment and acceleration and displacement feedback closed-loop control technology to provide the basic vibration tests like sine, random, and classical shock. More advanced testing module are also available.


Road Simulation Test:

In automotive industry, lab-based road simulation test is increasing its influence. It reproduces the forces, vibrations and motions of ground vehicles under real road in laboratory. As the needs of manufactures to optimize designs faster, decrease the R&D period and more cost effective, road simulation test is widely popular today. ECON hydraulic shaker system can be customized to meet various standards of ASTM standards.


Seismic Simulation Test:

ECON seismic simulation systems accurately reduplicate the excitation real earthquake and civil structures under GR63 criterion. It’s helpful for evaluating structural behavior under true earthquake conditions. Thus improving the reliability, safety and durability of civil structures is available before damages happened.


Packaging and Road Simulation Test:

It simulates the real vibration condition during transportation in the lab. And thus the evaluations of product’s durability, ability to resist damages and shocks and packaging quality during transportation are available. ECON hydraulic shaker systems are compliant with most of the ISTA standards.


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